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Leadership Development

Creating an environment where top performers are engaged, excited, and have the skills to achieve transformational change is critical to high performing organizations. Whether it be retention programs, training, or personalized leadership development we are here to help you advance your goals.

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Board development is the ongoing process of building and maintaining strong governing boards that focus on mission and goals with accountability and in compliance with the law.

We work with your organization to help build a strong, engaged, and effective board. We provide comprehensive board assessments, advice, and training in best practices. We equip boards with the skills, knowledge, and tools to address their organization’s mission, operations, challenges, and opportunities.


Getting ahead of the curve requires a hard look at what the future may hold and the courage to make difficult and challenging decisions and persuade others to follow.

Whether it’s facilitating planning retreats, sharing knowledge on best practices, or helping you define and understand your organizational capacity, we provide customized training services to maximize your effectiveness, build engagement, and strengthen your team.


CEOs, executive directors, and chief development officers face increasingly diverse and competitive challenges in managing today’s nonprofits and associations.

We work with you to define and build your professional skills. We advise and mentor you to align your core values and strengths with your organization’s strategic and financial goals. We help you navigate through the dynamics of staff and board relations. We provide discrete confidential counsel to help you lead your organization.  We can even help you with your resume, job search, and interviews skills. Our goal is to help you reach your potential.

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