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Design & Communications

Effective communications can target the right messages to the right audiences at the right times. Nonprofits typically have three primary goals for their communications programs: raising awareness, building capacity, and raising funds. SRG can evaluate your visual and verbal strategy and ensure that it's working to support your mission and communications efforts.

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Compelling visuals, a smart branding strategy, and streamlined identity are all key to being recognizable, forming relationships with your constituency, and attracting a loyal audience.

We can help you create or re-design campaign materials, brochures, flyers, signage—whatever your organization needs to get the word out and generate enthusiasm. With years of experience working with nonprofits, we are well-positioned to offer feedback on your current visual strategy and offer suggestions for improvement or overhaul. We can evaluate your branding in consideration of a refresh or a total rebrand, including assistance with your logo, style guide, and brand assets and standards.


A functional and engaging website is essential to ensuring that your organization is accessible, informative, and appealing to your audience.

We’re happy to evaluate your website’s design and functionality, and offer solutions to upgrade copy, visuals, layout, page organization, and content. We can show you what others in your industry are doing, and help you design a site that is compelling and competitive.


In an arena with many players, it’s crucial to deliver the right message to the right audience clearly and persuasively.

We offer writing and editing services for all of your copy needs, from marketing deliverables to job descriptions. We have the experience to know what language works in your industry, and what gets you noticed. Our team is precise, current, and connected.

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