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The environment in which philanthropy operates is complex and dynamic, requiring innovative planning, research, and thoughtful execution. Our fundraising services will support all phases of the development cycle—from assessing your operations to building your annual fund, increasing your major gifts, and planning and implementing your campaign.

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Understanding your fundraising and staff performance is the first step for improvement and new opportunities. Yet this process can quite often be complex and politically charged.

We analyze your staffing, leadership, plans, priorities, polices, practices, results, and infrastructure. We provide an objective quantitative and qualitative analysis of your development program with specific recommendations on where to focus your resources and how to reach your fundraising potential. 


A written fundraising plan will allow you to focus your efforts, plan out your yearly fundraising calendar, and give you guidance on strategy and tactics.

We work with you to assess your organization’s strengths. We help develop plans with realistic fundraising goals using a diversified funding mix. We provide you with the tools and skills to measure and improve results.


A strong Annual Giving program is an essential element of any developed fundraising operation and serves as a pipeline to major gifts.

We work with you to expand your donor base and increase your average gift size by creating a strong annual giving program. We analyze every aspect of your program and help you implement an integrated development program that engages your donors. We create systematic major gift programs targeting donors who are most likely to give larger gifts, and we create donor recognition and stewardship programs.


A study seeks to understand public perceptions, refines organizational objectives, and is the first step in building a network of potential donors, leaders and volunteers.

We engage your staff, leadership, and donors in a discussion about what you are trying to accomplish. We help you craft your Case for Support and test your campaign rationale and readiness with key individuals, potential allies, and opponents.


We evaluate your systems, history, and leadership to determine your readiness to launch and manage a campaign. Our reports provide quantitative and qualitative analysis on your fundraising capacity, volunteer leadership support, and realistic recommendations for a successful campaign. 


A capital campaign is the most demanding, intensive work that your development team will ever experience. Fundraising counsel provides a broad spectrum of expertise including data analysis and steady leadership to ensure the success of the campaign.

We partner with you and your key volunteers to provide strategic and hands-on advice and guidance in getting you to your goal. We help you identify your best prospects, craft solicitation strategies, provide board, volunteer, and staff training, and monitor the progress of your campaign, fine tuning your direction and keeping your campaign on target.

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